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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Try It, You May Like It

My husband and I have always been sports enthusiasts. We played multiple sports in high school, participated in sports in college and raised our kids to swim, kayak, skate, ski, bike, play soccer, tennis, and baseball.
When the kids left home for college, my husband announced he would like to take up golf again. There was a course three miles away and he had played there in his early teens with his family. I shuddered as he declared his interest. 
My grandfather had tried to teach me to swing at the little white ball when I was a young teen. "Stick your butt out, waggle the club, take it back, now hit the ball", he would coach. I tried to follow his directions only to hit the ground, miss the ball, and feel the reverberations all the way up my arm. It only took a couple weeks for me to give up and return to tennis, bikes, and swimming. Summer was too short to be that frustrated.
My husband's interest in golf left me with a dilemma. I could send him off to play golf on Saturdays and Sundays and find something to do on my own or I could try my hand at the elusive sport once again. I went with the latter hoping some miracle would occur once I appeared at the golf course with my new gear, shoes, and outfit.
It has been twelve years since my husband's announcement. Tomorrow we will strike out to a favorite course in a neighboring town. We will hit some good shots and some disasters. We will laugh and we will groan. We will stop to gaze upon a gift of nature be it plant, animal, or scenery. I am not a good golfer nor is he but we enjoy each other, the outdoors, and the challenge that little white ball presents each time we try to connect with it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Do I Do This??

The first four days of this week have been horrendous. In order to make it through Friday with a positive outlook, I had to come home on Thursday and remind myself why I chose this career.

I became a teacher because I enjoy kids.
I became a teacher because I am have an appetite for learning.
I became a teacher because I am up for a challenge.
I became a teacher because I am creative.
I became a teacher to be part of a community.
I became a teacher to learn how to be a mom.
I became a teacher to model for others.
I became a teacher because I had some great role models.
I became a teacher because I understand.
I became a teacher because I was sure I could make a difference.

There…I think it is all coming back now. I became a teacher because I couldn’t imagine being anything else!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Husband and I

He is observant.
I am a listener.
He is shy.
I am an extrovert.
He is detailed.
I am global.
He is methodical.
I am speedy.

We are parents.
We commune with nature.
We enjoy musical theatre.
We love to travel.
We seek adventure.
We play sports.
We  read voraciously.
We are a couple.

For almost thirty-four years there has been…he…I...and we.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Proud Parents

We have two sons…
Our oldest is thirty-one. He has his father’s gate, stance, and way of thinking. He has my smile and love of learning. He was always a teacher’s student…homework done, hand raised, and offering to do more. He was a swimmer through high school and college. He spent college summers in Alaska mapping volcanoes as he honed his love of nature into a career. His ambition took him to graduate school and then across the country accepting a position at the Lawrence Berkeley Labs. He works with other scientists in the field of geochemistry tracking pollution around the word, looking for energy solutions, teaching others how to perform experiments and use multimillion dollar machines. This is the one job he wanted, sought out, and got. He has been there for eight years and I expect will be there in another eight years.
Our youngest son will be thirty next month. He has my coloring and love of people. He has his father’s eyes and directness. Like his dad, in school, he was always a square peg not fitting in a round hole. He got it the first time and had little patience to sit and wait while others processed. Teachers found him exasperating because they could not provide for him as he wished. He just didn’t like school. We moved him ahead a year to try to quiet the frustrations for all. He tried his hand at wrestling, tennis, and golf in high school. He played intramural sports in college. He went to college on a five-year plan alternating school with internships in large companies... learning about business, accounting and tax. His ambition kept him in Philadelphia working for a variety of finance companies. He specializes in corporate tax. He is highly marketable because he is meticulous and a worker. His ability to put together thousand piece puzzles as a child has transformed into finding mistakes on spreadsheets of numbers. He is never quite satisfied with any job. He won’t be…until he becomes his own boss.
Our two sons could not be more different in looks, personality, interests, and their approaches to work. We are so proud of both of them and thankful they are themselves, finding their way, being who they were meant to be.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Application...Excitement in my Classroom

A few days ago, I read a piece about Lino It on SOL (I think it was by Diana?). I had not heard of that site before. Once I closed out of TWT, I had to pay a visit. Lino It is a virtual bulletin board upon which one can post stickies. As I was perusing the site, I wondered how I could incorporate something like that into my first graders world, knowing they would love to play with the stickies. I came up with a plan. I decided to have them use Lino It to take notes about the animal they choose for a pond unit of study. There are multi colored stickies so the students can color code their notes (looks like, lives, eats, enemies, etc.) They can also draw and import pictures to add to their bulletin board.
The goal...

Yesterday, I showed them a video of me using the program. The video demonstrated how to find the site from our classroom wiki, how to log in with their username/password and how to get started using this application. We went to the computer lab after lunch to give Lino It a try. Some students watched my video a second time before beginning, others jumped right onto our wiki and found the application. You could have heard a pin drop in the lab. They were fully engaged in this new activity. Since it was their first time, I let them have a free write. On each of their boards I had posted my picture with a note asking them a question. I encouraged them to answer me and then to write anything they wanted on as many stickies as they could cover. They loved choosing the many colored stickies and ink colors. Lino It has a small collection of icons to add to the stickies and those were a hit as well.
The kids experimented with peeling off stickies, editing stickies, moving them around, pinning them, and tilting them. They wrote to each other. They laughed and read what they wrote to me.. About three quarters of the way through, I had them get up and walk around the lab to view what their neighbors had done. They ooh-ed and aah-ed and then quickly returned to their seats eager to continue. These six and seven year olds wrote for an hour 
One of my student's free writes

Next week, I will teach them how to create a drawing (in Tux Paint or Paint), save it to the desktop and then upload it onto their Lino It bulletin board. By then, they will be experts at this virtual bulletin board. My frontloading will pay off when we do our pond animal reports.

Monday, March 26, 2012

She Is...

She is loving and loyal
She is protective and dependable
She is curious and intelligent
She is energetic and sleepy
She is athletic and goofy
She loves to cuddle
She shares herself equally
She enhances our lives
She is Holly.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Procrastination Again

Report cards are upon me and I am procrastinating as I have the last two quarters and the three years before. I dread filling out these reports. Four years ago a committee of volunteer teachers made this first grade report. Our system was about to develop a standards based curriculum and the administrators wanted a standards based reporting system. The problem was, nobody was trained in standards based reporting. “Not to worry, said the administrators, we will only use this report card one year.”
Well the report card has never changed. It is not standards based. It is redundant in some areas and does not say enough in others. There are skills listed on this report card that no first grader can achieve so we have to put N/A in place of real information. Our math section is so long it is on a separate piece of paper. Parents don’t understand what the 1-4 coding means. Teachers are not uniform in the way they use the coding. Some kids are given 4’s for doing well in every day skills and others have 4’s withheld because teachers are looking for skills to be applied “outside the box.”
I dread filling out those report cards. I know I have to. Thank goodness, we have conferences to go along with these reports. During conferences the kids and I can show the parents what is real. Students will read to their parents. They will share a favorite piece of their writing. A math skill will be demonstrated using manipulatives. The science notebook will be opened and a concept will come alive as the child tells all he/she has learned.
I dread filling out those report cards. So here I  sit writing about them…putting off the inevitable.