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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Class Leader

 I have a student who is on screech most of the time. He is loud, full throttled, and constantly interrupting. He is also very smart,  compassionate, and friendly...a really good person. Today he was my class leader. Today I saw a change as he lead his classmates down the are some of my observations.

Shoulders thrown back (my he is getting tall)
Eyes straight ahead (focused on his destination)
Walking in rhythmic gate (slow and steady)
Lips sealed shut (like they were glued together)
Feet on the floor (no wings attached to those feet)
Arms to his side (causing harm to no one)
Ears alert (stopping when his classmates were loud)
Following hall traffic laws (looked both ways at intersections)

He showed leadership potential today. I am glad I got to observe him at his finest.


  1. Good for you that you gave him this chance - perhaps it will be a new begining for him... a chance to see himself in a different way.

    1. He has had the chance every nineteen days all year but this time...he took it much more seriously:)

  2. What a neat post! It's so wonderful to see kids surprise you by shining when you give them the chance! I'm glad that you gave him this opportunity to show his potential.

  3. Love when kids step up and show their potential. I like to use this as leverage -- "I know you can . . ." because you've proved it.

  4. What a nice thing to happen to you, and then him, too. I liked what you saw in his actions & that you are planning positive things for him. Nice descriptions.