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Friday, March 16, 2012

Questions for an Administrator

Are you a process person or a product person or both? 
Are you organized?
Is skimming the surface and getting good test scores more important to you than digging deep?
Do you prefer top down, bottom up, or a push in both directions?
Do you ask for the story from all sides before making up your mind?
Do you address the individual who needs your attention or do you make everyone listen to the issue even if they have nothing to do with it?
Do you like children?
Do you spend time in classrooms?
Will you be present when events happen before or after school?
Are you available?
Do you know how to cultivate a good relationship with parents?
Are you able to tell parents no if need be?
Are you a reader...writer...?
Learning can be messy...are you okay with that?
Are you brave enough to address a teaching problem in your building?
Are you able to accept an honest discussion without feeling threatened?
Are you a mathematician...scientist?
Will you write a grant to help your school financially?
Can you stick to a time-line...follow your calendar...and give people a timely heads up if things have to change?
Do you talk about teachers to other teachers?
Do you show favoritism?
Do you see your job as a 8-4 job or are you willing to work nights and weekends like your teachers?
Will children see you on the playground, in the halls, cafeteria, and in the classrooms?
Will you know the kid's names...not just the naughty ones but the well-behaved too?
Will you help me grow as a teacher with your guidance, best practice knowledge, and support?


  1. Great post! I too have worked for administrators of all kinds!

  2. Very interesting list. I found myself, Yes!, to many questions.

  3. It was interesting to read your list of questions and think about all that each one implies.

  4. Do you spend time in classrooms...yes, that is SO important, and so neglected. Great list, Wanda!

  5. So many important questions covering a lot of territory. You have put a lot of thought into what comprises an effective school leader.

  6. Such good questions to ponder.

  7. You know, as I was reading your list...I began to sense your heart. I began to see experiences you've had bubble into the content. I began to sense your discontent with certain brands of administrators. I hope you've found yourself a good one for the time being :). It certainly makes a world of difference. Thought-provoking post.